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Restaurant Chinzei

Live squid, sea bream, abalone, turban shell, etc. caught in the sea near Hado Cape
Please enjoy a variety of dishes that make the most of seasonal ingredients.
  • Two major brands in Saga prefecture to taste at home

    In a great location at our restaurant
    Feel free to enjoy the authentic taste that can only be experienced here.
    • Saga Beef
      It boasts top-class quality in Japan as the finest beef. "Saga Beef"
      Please enjoy the high-quality marbled meat called Tsuyasashi" that is cultivated in abundant nature in a mild climate.
    • Live squid
      Fresh Yobuko caught in the Genkai Sea "Live squid"
      The texture and sweetness are crisp and crispy.
      It is delicious that you will never forget once you eat it.
  • Restaurant menu

    It can be used by non-guests as well.
    • Squid live squid set meal
      • Meal


        small bowl/Live squid/Squid dumplings/Savory egg custard/Gesoten/White rice/Pickles/Miso soup/Design
        3,100 yen(Tax included)
    • Saga Beef Toban-yaki (grilled on a ceramic pan) set meal
      • Meal


        small bowl/Saga Beef Toban-yaki (grilled on a ceramic pan)/rice/soup/Vegetable pickles/Dessert
        3,700 yen(Tax included)
    • Sashimi set meal
      • Meal


        small bowl/Savory egg custard/sashimi/soup/rice/Vegetable pickles/Dessert
        2,000 yen(Tax included)
    • Shokado Bento
      • Meal


        sashimi/pottery/Squid dumplings/Boiled food/Tempura/soup/rice/Vegetable pickles/Dessert
        1,500 yen(Tax included)
  • Other menus

    *The photograph is an image.The contents may change depending on the purchase.
    *All prices shown in the menu below are tax-included.
    • Menu list
      • All listed prices include tax.

        Set meal

        Tempura set meal 950 yen/Boiled fish set meal 1,500 yen/Kids meal A / B 900 yen each/Squid-made set meal 3,100 yen

        Single item

        Squid live squid 2,500 yen/Horse mackerel sashimi 900 yen/Turban shell sashimi 1,300 yen


        Tempura udon 850 yen/Udon (hot and cold) 600 yen each


        Rice set 300 yen/Curry rice 850 yen/Cutlet curry 1,000 yen


        Katsudon 800 yen/Tendon 850 yen/Geso Tendon 850 yen/Seafood bowl 1,500 yen

        Fried food

        Assorted tempura 700 yen/Lower leg tempura 750 yen/Tonkatsu 650 yen/Fried chicken 600 yen

        Steamed food

        Squid dumplings (3 pieces) 600 yen/Chawanmushi 200 yen


        Today's dessert 300 yen


        Children's lunch, 900 yen
    • Restaurant Chinzei

      Subject to change depending on the situation.