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Sightseeing around

There are many recommended spots around Hado Cape

  • Yobuko

    • Yobuko Morning Market

      Fresh seafood, seasonal vegetables, flowers and fruits are lined up on the left and right of the 200-meter alley named Morning Market Street
      The prices of morning market items are sometimes decided by interacting with the seller's aunt, and the morning market, which continues until noon, is booming with tourists' shopping.
    • Yobuko Ohashi Bridge

      The cable-stayed bridge with a total length of 728 m, which opened in April 1989, has been selected as the number one "New 100 Sceneries of Saga
      There are parking lots on both sides of the bridge so that you can go to Benten Pedestrian Bridge" and "Kato Yoshiaki Jinato Park (site of Yoshiaki Kato's headquarters)
    • Roadside Station Momoyama Tenkaichi

      It is a roadside station along National Route 204, about 3 km from Yobuko
      Here, in addition to selling fresh agricultural products and marine products from Chinzei Town,
      We recommend Amanatsu Soft-serve Ice Cream, which uses the Amanatsu (Japanese summer orange)
  • history

    • Karatsu Castle(Maizuru Park)

      The first feudal lord of the Karatsu Domain, Governor of Shima Province Hirotaka Terazawa, was built after spending seven years from the 7th year of Keicho
      Also known as "Maizuru Castle", it is popular with citizens and tourists.
    • Hikiyama Exhibition Hall

      14 Hikiyama floats used at the annual autumn festival "Karatsu Kunchi Karatsu Shrine
      In addition to materials related to Hikiyama, you can enjoy Karatsu Kunchi
    • Nagoya Castle Ruins

      It is a castle ruin built in 1591 under the division of generals under Kiyomasa Kato as the base of Bunroku-Keicho War
      The total area of 170,000 square meters is said to be the second largest after Osaka Castle
    • Saga Prefectural Nagoya Castle Museum

      It is a museum where the preservation and maintenance project of Nagoya Castle Ruins Bunroku-Keicho War, and historical materials of the Japanese archipelago and the Korean Peninsula are exhibited.
  • Nature

    • Hado Cape

      Hado Cape, located at the northernmost tip of the mainland of Kyushu, Genkai Quasi-National Park and Genkai Underwater Park and is maintained as a tourist facility.
      Also, the beautiful sunset over the Genkai
    • Genkai Underwater Observation Tower

      Genkai Underwater Observation Tower is a 20m high and 10m diameter observatory.
      From the sea deck, you can see the islands Genkai Sea,
      In the underwater observatory, you can see tropical fish, seagrass and shellfish in their natural state from 24 underwater windows.
    • Peony and Green Hill Park

      Kirigo Peony peony, which has been passed down for about 400 years. In the vast Japanese garden, about 2,200 peony stocks and 30,000 peony are in bloom.
      In addition, you can enjoy "Children's Forest" and "Village Square" all day long.